Join  online via Zoom or in person in Kongsberg, Norway.
later in 2022

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what is your relationship with money?
How does success look like for you?

I invite you to join this workshop where we can explore together the hidden dynamics behind money, success and wealth as well as the dynamics behind debt, financial issues or business difficulties.

What can be explored in this workshop?

Together we will have the opportunity to look at the following aspects around this subject:

– What leads to success?

– Money & debt (financial struggles)

– Inability to hold (save) money

– Hard – earned money

– Flow of Money (Cashflow)

– Success & failures

– Start-up issues

– Conflicts within Organisations

– Fear of starting your own practice/business

– Blockages or obstacles in your business

– Fear of advancing in your career

– Holding back your success

-Difficulties and conflicts at your work

– Inheritance issues

– The energy of money

– The balance of giving and receiving

– The origin of Money

– Money that serves Life

– Money and guilt


This workshop is intended for:

– Anyone interested in the subject

– Entrepreneurs, business owners

– Directors, managers and decision makers

– Consultants and organisational coaches

– Coaches, counselors, therapists and Family Constellations Facilitators


The workshop approach:

This workshop starts with a short introduction to the hidden dynamics of Money and Success in Life and in business through the eyes of Family Constellations approach, followed by a meditation and Constellation work on presented issues by the clients. You are free to participate as much (or as little) as you like.

Where: Online on Zoom and at “Pias Place” in Kongsberg, Norway


Pia’s Story

I was introduced to Bert Hellinger’s work with constellations by Tore Kval in 2003. A new path had started for me and it has been my path ever since. I have met Bert Hellinger in person for the first time in 2007 and I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to follow him until his death in September 2019.

Bert Hellinger was my greatest teacher and my biggest source of inspiration. He gave so much to so many people and my wish and work have been focused on passing on his teachings through the gifts and insights I’ve got and developed throughout the last years.

Education & Work

I started my career as an intensive care nurse, followed by various supervisory roles within the medical field until 2008. In 2002 I became a qualified Art Therapist and later I held the position of an Art Therapist with the Kongsberg Psychiatric Hospital, Norway for two years.

Through Bert Hellinger’s intensive training seminars held between 2009 and 2018, I have witnessed, experienced and learnt the developments and the art of the new “Moving with the Spirit Mind” and “Spiritual Constellations” approaches.

Apart from following and participating in Bert Hellinger’s intensives, I have also participated in workshops of Jakob Schneider, Jan Jacob Stam and Franz Ruppert.

I have started my own practice of Family Constellations, Art Therapy, Counselling and Yoga in 2004. Later, I became the founder and the director of ”Family Constellations and Art Therapy” in Norway. As of 2009, I’ve been offering 2-year long training programs in “Family Constellations & Art Therapy”.


Other Details about the workshop: For those who join for the first time this type of event, please note that it is mandatory to have the camera switched on throughout the workshop – you will be invited to speak (at least present yourself) as well, therefore a microphone is needed too. It is highly recommended to ensure you have no interruptions during the workshop. Once a ticket is purchased, there is no refund.


Pia Storm Kalhof
Pias Place, Naufgården,
Kirketorget 7, Kongsberg, Norge

0047 90 144 188