Art Therapy

Art therapy is a profound, exciting and challenging way to work. Whether it`s problems, self-development or therapy, a method that appeals to both children and adults. Art therapy can be used in grief work in trauma, crises, conflicts, psychological pain, eating disorders, stress and burnout; surrounding anxiety and depression or to get more clarity in life.

Creativity as a tool

Being creative influences our psyche; any artistic expression will involve some form of confrontation with parts of our personality. There is still an essential difference between the working interest artistic and working art therapeutic. It requires basically no artistic ability to enjoy and benefit from such work.

About Art Therapy

The theoretical foundation of art therapy is based primarily on CG Jung’s analytical psychology. It represents a development method, where, with the help of artistic expression, in a very down to earth and concrete way, creating a link between the inner and outer world, between the conscious and the unconscious. By drawing, painting, making clay figures, work with dreams, making movements, dancing, making sounds, musical adventure we create and express. These creative expressions works like a bridge to the parts of the psyche that is normally hidden in the unconscious layers.

Unconscious, forgotten or denied resources and opportunities become visible in the art therapeutic process. The creative work combined with the art therapeutic conversation and analysis, can support and help the individual to release, change and to get more awareness, greater joy, self-acceptance and action in their own lives.

My Story

Art therapy has contributed to a major change in my life, both in relation to my inner life but also professional life. In June 2004 I started a company/studio in Tromsø with art therapy, counselling and family constellations. I offered individual sessions, for couples and groups, for  children, adults and for companies.

As an art therapist, responsible for group therapy in the psychiatric clinic in Kongsberg, I’ve got knowledge and experience about how psychiatry works, studies, diagnosis, journal writing and collaboration with primary health care. Experience with group dynamics, group processes, body awareness and art therapy with psychiatric patients and to work in a team. Overall a valuable experience both professionally and personally that has strengthened my foundation as an art therapist.

Since 2009 I have offered a 2-year long training “Family Constellation & Art Therapy”

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