Family Constellations

In my work with constellations, I allow myself to move together with the processes and the movements of the group, in a spiritual and healing way. I have no intentions or agenda of my own nor do I intend to save a client. I invite the client to trust their own movements and together, we move beyond judgements of good and bad, beyond judgements of right and wrong, beyond judgements of ourselves and everyone in our family, and beyond the fear of how others might judge us. With this attitude and approach, a strong healing energy field opens up and a movement towards all that supports love and life is possible. Love can flow freely and it can help us to take steps towards a happier and a more healthy and fulfilled life. The client will be supported to find his or her own strength, path and healing.

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Bert Hellinger’s latest work with Family Constellations has evolved to a more spiritual level, with movements that support life and love, being completely guided by the spirit, rather than following a methodological approach. This new approach to Family Constellations became known as Spiritual Constellations and this is what inspire me the most.

About Family Constellations

Constellations started as Family Constellations, a method within psychotherapy, developed by Bert Hellinger in the beginning of 1980. Hellinger discovered that people’s lives were extensively controlled by hidden dynamics. The problems and difficulties in couple relationships, in families, with children, work, mental and physical illnesses and lack of happiness in life were consequences of these hidden dynamics. With Constellations it`s possible to bring these hidden dynamics to light. By acknowledging what comes to light, the problem or difficulties in life releases and opens up for new insights and solutions.

This approach has evolved throughout the years from “The Movement of The Soul’ to “The Movement of the Spirit Mind’ to “The Spiritual Constellation”. Witnessing and experiencing the Spiritual Constellations lead by Bert Hellinger has touched me (like many others) very deeply, hence the integration of his latest approach in my current practice.

My Story

I was introduced to Bert Hellinger’s work with constellations in 2003. A new path had started for me and it has been my path ever since. I have met Bert Hellinger in person for the first time in 2007 and I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to follow him until his death in September 2019.
Bert Hellinger was my greatest teacher and inspiratory source. He gave so much to so many people and my wish and work have been focused on passing on his teachings through the gifts and insights I’ve got and developed throughout the last years.

Education & Work

I started my career as an intensive care nurse, followed by various supervisory roles within the medical field until 2008. In 2002 I became a qualified Art Therapist and later I held the position of an Art Therapist with the Kongsberg Psychiatric Hospital, Norway for two years.

Through Bert Hellinger’s intensive training seminars held between 2009 and 2018, I have witnessed, experienced and learnt the developments and the art of the new “Moving with the Spirit Mind” and “Spiritual Constellations” approaches. Apart from following and participating in Bert Hellinger’s intensives, I have also participated in workshops of Jakob Schneider, Jan Jacob Stam and Franz Ruppert.

I have started my own practice of Family Constellations, Art Therapy, Counselling and Yoga in 2004. Later, I became the founder and the director of ”Family Constellations and Art Therapy” in Norway. As of 2009, I’ve been offering a 2-year long training programs in “Family Constellations & Art Therapy”.

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