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Family Constellations are a unique and powerful experience, whereby we can open ourselves on many levels to understanding and healing, bringing about change and growth as individuals and within family dynamics.

The essential elements of Family Constellations are integrity, unity, clarity and harmony. By participating in Family Constellations, we can experience new insights, be restored and be empowered through strength and love.

I honor the work of Bert Hellinger and facilitate Family Constellations based on his guidance and practices. Bert Hellinger’s work has touched and helped the lives of thousands throughout the world. His later work developed Family Constellations from a psychotherapeutic “method” to a more spiritual approach. Witnessing and experiencing the Spiritual Family Constellations led by Bert Hellinger has touched me (like many others) very deeply, hence the integration of the “The Spiritual Constellation” approach in my current practice.

What happens during Family Constellations?

Unresolved issues or entanglements in our family systems are passed on or taken over unconsciously by the descendants within a family. Traumas, as well as inhibited grief and shame can become a burden or a blockage in the life of the descendants. With Family Constellations, what is hidden for us can come to light and gives us deeper insights and possibilities for changes. We open to acknowledge that what has passed may finally be over. We can be freed from old restrictions and patterns and thus new strength can awaken. Ultimately there can be more clarity and life and love can flow more freely.

Family Constellations is a phenomenological approach that has revealed a healing effect not only for the participants but also for other members in their families.

I invite the participants to trust their own movements. To trust that what is ready to come to light for them, will appear. Together, we move beyond judgements of good and bad, beyond judgements of ourselves and of other people, and beyond the fear of how others might judge us. We open for an acceptance of other people as they are, ourselves as we are, everything as it is and our life, as it was given to us. Led by forces beyond us, “movements of the spirit” (Bert Hellinger), we are taken along into another consciousness and into a life without devaluation and exclusion. A strong, healing energy field opens and movements towards all that supports love and life is possible. Love can flow freely and help us gain more clarity, regain strength and support us in taking steps towards a happier, more successful, healthy and fulfilled life.

All are welcome to participate in Family Constellations. There are no prerequisites and all can benefit.

Family Constellations for Individuals & Families

  • find inner harmony and wholeness
  • gain clarity and strength
  • assist in healing processes and personal growth
  • integrate what has been excluded
  • unite what has been separated
  • identify the roots of a problem or a blockage
    • in the person’s body or in life.
    • within the family.
  • unlock repetitive patterns
  • release a feeling of being “stuck”
  • solve interpersonal conflicts.
    • this applies also in couple relationships, between siblings and with children and step-children
  • cast light over hidden dynamics
  • see the dynamics behind what causes illnesses and promotes healing in their family
  • heal systemic (transgenerational) trauma and personal trauma
  • in guiding them on a journey towards another level of consciousness or spirituality

Family Constellations for Professionals & Businesses

  • individuals and teams gain clarity and success
  • identify what leads to success or failure
  • promote good interpersonal relationships
  • identify the roots of a problem or a blockage
  • solve interpersonal conflicts
  • solve conflicts
    • within the company
    • with the shareholders
    • with clients
  • cast light over hidden dynamics
    • in business difficulties
    • behind wealth and flow of money
    • associated with debt and other financial issues
  • with issues around the products, the clients, the shareholders or the leadership
  • with inheritance issues

The laws of healing and harmony, success and failure in professional life, follow the same orders as the laws within our personal life. During these Constellations, organisations can be regarded as “families”.

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Bert Hellinger (1925 – 2019)

The founder of Family Constellation. Bert Hellinger began his research on the representative phenomenon in 1978 and discovered the basic orders of life, which he called “Orders of Love”. These form the basis of Family Constellation.
“Family Constellation existed before me, I only encountered it,” he once said. The Family Constellations, which became the hallmark of Bert Hellingers`s approach, as well as his observations about –  and insights into – family  entanglements and their resolution, have touched and helped the lives of thousands throughout the world.
Bert Hellinger is the author of 110 books translated into 37 languages.
Bert Hellinger’s latest work with Family Constellations has evolved to a more spiritual level, with movements that support life and love, being completely guided by the spirit, rather than following a methodological approach. This new approach to Family Constellations became known as Spiritual Constellations and this is what inspire me the most.

More information on Bert Hellinger and Family Constellations

Constellations started as Family Constellations, a method within psychotherapy, developed by Bert Hellinger at the beginning of the 1980s. Hellinger discovered that people’s lives were extensively controlled by hidden dynamics. The problems and difficulties in couple relationships, in families, with children, work, mental and physical illnesses and lack of happiness in life, he found to be consequences of these hidden dynamics. With Family Constellations it is possible to bring these hidden dynamics to light. By acknowledging what comes to light, the problems or difficulties in life are released and the way for new insights and solutions is opened.

After experiencing a Constellation, we can find ourselves with deeper clarity and with regained strength.

Bert Hellinger’s approach evolved throughout his working years from “The Movement of The Soul’ to “The Movement of the Spirit Mind and “The Spiritual Family Constellation”.

My Story

I was introduced to Bert Hellinger’s work with Constellations in 2003.
A new path started for me, and it has been my path ever since. I met Bert Hellinger in person for the first time in 2007 and I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to follow him and learn directly from him until his death in September 2019.

Bert Hellinger was my greatest teacher and source of inspiration.  He gave so much to so many people and my wish and my work have been focused on passing on his teachings through the gifts and insights I’ve received and developed throughout recent years.

My Education & Work

I started my career as a nurse, then specialised as an intensive care nurse, followed by various supervisory roles within the medical field until 2008. In 2002 I became a qualified Art Therapist and later I held the position of Art Therapist at Kongsberg Psychiatric Hospital, Norway.

From 2003 to 2007 I participated in and organised workshops and training in Family Constellations according to Bert Hellinger, led by Tore Kval.
Through Bert Hellinger’s intensive training seminars held between 2009 and 2018, I witnessed, experienced and learned directly from Bert Hellinger, the developments and the art of the new “Moving with the Spirit Mind” and “Spiritual Constellations” approaches. Apart from following and participating in Bert Hellinger’s intensive seminars, I also participated in the workshops of Jakob Schneider, Jan Jacob Stam and Franz Ruppert.

In 2004, I started my own company with Family Constellations, Art Therapy, Counselling and Yoga. Later, I became the founder and the director of a training programme:  ”Family Constellations and Art Therapy” in Norway. As of 2009, I’ve been offering 2-year training programmess in “Family Constellations & Art Therapy”.

What I offer

I offer Family Constellations in person and/or online

  • For individuals, couples, groups, adults as well as children
  • I regularly offer Family Constellation evenings, day courses, workshops, training and retreats in Norway and abroad
  • I offer supervision workshops for carers, therapists, leaders, and people working in the healthcare system
  • I offer workshops, training and retreats with a combination of Family Constellations and Art Therapy
  • On request, I can also offer Constellations for organisations and businesses

I am happy to come in person to your town or country. Please contact me if you would like to discuss this possibility.


"Pia: thank you for taking my hand on this last step, for helping me trust again in a facilitator and teacher, and for giving me back my connection to Bert Hellinger and the constellations work. I don't have the words to tell you how much this means to me, how big is the gift that I received from you, you helped me heal a pain that I was carrying, and you taught me a different way to see this path. For that, you will always have a special place in my heart."

Silvia ArayaCosta Rica. Participant from the training programme 2022

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with and learn from many facilitators before and whilst I’m grateful for everyone’s teaching, since I learn from everyone something new and/or different, I found Pia’s teaching and facilitation process by far one of the most insightful and deepest experiences I’ve had. Pia has the ability to create such a powerful and at the same time safe container, has allowed the participants to dive very deep, face their shadows and be held in such a non-judgemental and inclusive way, that unfortunately not many can master that. Thank you for creating the space and the right container for such depths to be able to open, be reached and also integrated through art.”

Ecaterina NabuursAustria. Participant from the training programme 2020 – 2021

” I have followed Pia for quite a few years. I have watched and participated in her Family Constellation workshops and training. Over the years I have seen how Pia has evolved into leading the way to the Spiritual Constellation, which is a powerful tool and an in-depth way of the journey to your soul. Pia guides you with a trust and an insight that illuminates your path. She gives you what you and your soul needs, not what you want. Having Bert Hellinger as her support and the knowledge she has obtained through her work as a nurse, teacher and art therapist, gives the participants so much more in addition to the opening of the soul. She has been my guide and light for many years and has always new insights to share and I humbly receive.”

Irene Marie PeddieNorway

"Sunday filled us with love, warmth, hope and creative vitality almost miraculously. I have never experienced anything similar. For me and also for my husband the movement towards union is compelling and incredibly joyful."

Feedback from participantsA couple

"Thank you, Pia, for facilitating yesterday. What a powerful and nurturing couple of hours! I could feel so many things settling into place across generations of different families..."

A participant from a Family Constellation evening workshop


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