Welcome to a new yoga season starting week 36.
Now you can attend the yoga classes as:

  • An Ashtanga yoga course of 6 times. Beginner or advanced.
    Week 36-41 + 42-47 + 48-53
  • Membership Pias Place, where you can practice free on Ashtanga yoga with Pia, Veronikas Yoga and self practice.
  • Drop in on all classes/self practice
  • All the classes with Pia will be possible to join on zoom.

Ashtanga Yoga with Pia

Mondays 16.00 – 17.45 Ashtanga Yoga “Mysore” for advanced. Week 36-53
Mondays 18.00 – 19.15 Ashtanga yoga for beginners. Week 36-41 + 42-47
Wednesday 9.30 – 10.30 Veronikas Yoga for anyone(Medisinsk Yoga)
Starts week 36
Thursdays 16.00 – 17.45 Ashtanga yoga guidet Half Primary/”Mysore” for advanced (and little advanced). Week 36-51
And more classes will be set up if needed!

Self Practice

The yoga room is open for self Practice. You can come and go in the open hours. If you need help? Gjertrud will help you.
Tuesdays 8.00-10.00 Self Practice with Gjertrud
Wednesdays 7.00-9.00 Self Practice with Gjertrud
Fridays 8.00-10.00 Self Practice with Gjertrud/Pia
If you have a request for more opening hours/other days for self practice, contact Pia

Because of the covid-19 the yoga groups will be smaller to secure 1 meter distance between the participants.
Please bring your own mat, towel, blanket and drinking bottle.
It is possible to buy mats or rent/borrow a mat for a period of time(during the course) at Pias Place.
If possible we would like you to be dressed before enter.
And of course free of symptoms. Thank you:)
If you are in quarantine you can join on zoom. All the classes is open for zoom participating.

The yoga teachers at Pias Place:

Pia 90144188
Dina 48199439
Gjertrud 95150561
Veronika 92220539
Amy 40840269

“Pias Place medlemmer” is a private facebook group. Here you can see yoga video and meditations from Pias Place.
No charge to join. Send me a request and I can let you in:)
The publich facebook site to Pias Place @PiaStormKalhof


  • Ashtanga Yoga courses beginner or advanced of 6 times
    Week 36-41 or 42-47: kr. 1350 per course
  • Membership, no binding time, notice period 2 months: kr. 950 per month
  • Drop in on all classes with Pia: kr. 250
  • Drop in Veronikas Yoga kr. 200
  • Drop in on Self Practice kr. 100


10% discounts for students, pensioners, disability benefits

Cancellation Policy

After signing up/payment there is no refund. In case of illness or other issues before the course starts, it is possible to transfer the amount to the next course. After the course has started there is no refund. In case you can`t join a class during the course, it is possible to join on Zoom or on another class within the same period of the course.

How to pay?

  • Send an email to piakalhof@hotmail.com to sign up and you will receive an invoice
  • Or Sign up and pay direct on this homepage “The event” (The payment will be in Euro)
  • It`s possible to pay by card or cash at Pias Place
  • Events with external teachers see under, are not including in the membership Pias Place. Please contact the teacher for questions, sign up and payments.

Events with external teachers:
Hot yoga with Amy and “Back in the ring” with Gjertrud

  • Hot yoga with Amy starts week 34 on tuesdays 18.15-19.15 + 19.30-20.30 and after week 40 on Tuesdays and Thursdays 18.15-19.15 + 19.30-20.30
    Information and sign up: Amy 40840269
    Home page: www.elementhotyoga.net
    Via FB, insta, tekst 69 408 402 or mail: ajbrethvad@gmail.com
  • Yoga with Gjertrud. Mondays 13.00-14.30 starts week 37
    Back in the ring – yoga offers “yoga for people who want to make a comeback in life” Free offer for you who are a former drug addict, struggling with drugs or have mental challenges.
    Drop in or permanent registration.
    Information: Gjertrud 95150561 On facebook: Nymoen- yogaforlivet


Pia Storm Kalhof
Pias Place, Naufgården,
Kirketorget 7, Kongsberg, Norge

0047 90 144 188