Welcome to a workshop and a Module of the Advanced Training in Family Constellations and Art Therapy.
MODULE 1 ‘The orders of love’
Constellations – Art Therapy – Creative Work – Meditations

This module/course is open for anyone who is ready to take steps forward in life.

Module 1- 1:  
Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Module 1-2: 
Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 10:00 am – 3:00 pm 

Online via Zoom and in person in Kongsberg, Norway.

You can participate this module as part of the advanced training in Family Constellation and Art Therapy. It is an advantage to have done some work of self-development.

So, are you ready:
● To explore your good and bad conscience and your hidden dynamics and patterns in your family and in your life?
● To explore and to reconnect to your hidden sides that conceal unknown strength?
● To move beyond judgement of yourself and of others?
● To move beyond judgement of good and bad?

The conscience is one of Bert Hellingers basic teaching. When we have a good conscience, we feel safeguarded to belong to our family or to a group. As a child, our biggest fear is to be excluded from the family because our survival depends on this belonging. So immediately we feel a bad conscience, we restore it to come back into the good conscience again. Bert Hellinger discovered how we blindly get entangled in other family members destiny by a good conscience and the feeling of being innocent.  Any movement to release or to get rid of these entanglements pushes us into the feeling of a bad conscience. Therefore, we rather stay in these entanglements with our good conscience even it might cost us our health and even our life.

Module 1: ‘The order of love’ Structure

In this course, the participants get the opportunity to explore their good and bad conscience, their feelings of guilt and innocence, limitations and blockages as well as their healing potential. Participants can experience or access their inner process through a skilfully guided combination of the creative expression and constellations (applied Art Therapy through the Jungian approach & Bert Hellinger’s latest work of Silent/Spiritual Constellations).
Through our work together we will connect to our hidden sides, our needs and challenges and journey into the unknown of the personal, collective and spiritual conscience. We will explore the possibilities of how to overcome the boundaries of conscience. With light and kindness, we dive into the wisdom and power from within us and allow what is ready for us to see, to appear. With the help of the constellations and the creative work we cast light upon the hidden dynamics and entanglements, we search for answers and ways to inner and outer harmony, towards wholeness.

The teaching is based on the philosophy of Bert Hellinger and from his latest work and insights from constellations; Theory of Carl Gustav Jung; and from my own experience accumulated during the past 17 years of work with Art Therapy and Constellations and the insights about health and illness gained from 15 years as a nurse, teacher, supervisor/coach at the intensive care unit and psychiatric unit at the Kongsberg Psychiatric Hospital, Norway.

Introduction to the theme “The orders of love”, creative work and constellations
There will be teaching from different themes, examples, demonstrations, as well as time for Q & A.
We will deepening the themes through creative work, constellations, meditations and exercises.
In this module, we will open the field to explore and work together with themes like:
• Dynamics in the family of origin
• Who belongs in the family and consequences of exclusion?
• The morphogenetic and the spiritual field.
• The orders of love
• The Child`s movement towards the mother and the father and the
consequences of interrupted movements
• Good and bad conscience
o Theory, Hellinger
o Personal experience through Art Therapy
• Personal/collective/spiritual conscience
• “The Spiritual Family Constellation approach” according to Bert Hellinger.
• Guilt and innocence
• Perpetrator/victim dynamic
• Being a facilitator/helper
• Moving towards another consciousness
• Other themes important for the participants

Note: whilst we will open the field to explore the above themes, I usually combine a theoretical and practical approach, though a big emphasis is placed on the energy of the field and going with what arises and what is most important for the entire group.

Supplies: Bring with you whatever medium you would like to explore/work with, be it paper and crayons or canvas and paints, clay or other.

Certification: Since this is part of the Advanced Training Curriculum, the participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance after the module.

Cost: 250€
Sign up here: https://piastormkalhof.com/#events

Further Notes:
Each Module will be record for training purposes, except for the parts where participants do not give their consent (eg. participant’s constellation).
Once you sign up, you will receive suggested literature in order to enhance your understanding about the respective theme.
A private Facebook page has been created for the students and participants, where you have access to copies of literature and the list of resources. It is also possible to share other information.

For further information about the full Advanced Training in Family Constellations and Art Therapy go to: https://piastormkalhof.com/family-constellations/advanced-training-in-constellation-and-art-therapy/



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