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This training is a journey inwards by Creative Expressions, Constellations and Meditations. It is an exploration of old patterns in our life and patterns in our family. Hidden dynamics that conceal unknown strength will come to light. It will give us new insights and strength in our life. By acknowledging these dynamics without judgment, it will give us support to take steps forward, towards a happier and more healthy and fulfilled life. The participants will be supported to contain and to integrate their personal processes and to find their own path.

Through this training you will experience, how your personal process can be beneficial to you as a failitator or helper. There will be a practical and theoretical approach to the main themes in each module. Projection mechanisms, group dynamics, group processes, coaching techniques, ethical issues and supervision are important to experience, learn and to integrate to become a professional facilitator. Therefore they will be a part of most of the modules,
How to do a Constellation?
During the training modules, we will practice how to do the constellations with playmo figures, creative expressions and constellations in a group and individually.

The teaching is based on the philosophy of Bert Hellinger and from his many years of work and insight from thousands of constellations; Theory of Carl Gustav Jung; and from my own experience from more than 15 years of work with Art Therapy and Constellations and more than 10 years as a nurse, teacher, supervisor.

This training is addressed to
• Anyone who wants to explore own potential for inner growth and creativity on a personal, interpersonal and professional level
• Art therapists who wants to learn more about family constellations and how to combine it with art therapy in groups and for individuals
• People working with health care and others who wants to understand and see human beings in a bigger perspective
• Therapists interested in learning about Constellations and Art Therapy for own personal and professional growth

The participants will:
• gain insight and understanding of dynamics in their own family system.
• achieve knowledge and understanding of principles in family constellations and art therapy.
• explore and learn about the dynamics between victims and perpetrators.
• achieve personal growth.
• acquire knowledge about ethical aspects about the therapists role.

The structure of the training
• The program is built over 7 modules of 4 days
• 2-year duration with modules every fourth month
• Friday 4-9 p.m. Saturday, Sunday 9.00 a.m.- 6.30 p.m. Monday 9.00 a.m. – 3.00 p.m.
• One summer module of 5 days in Spain, Sicily, France, Malta or in Norway

Module 1 “The order of love”
Dynamics in the family of origin. Who belongs in the family and consequences of exclusion. The morphogenetic field. The order of love. The Childs movement towards the mother and the father and the consequences of interrupted movements. Good and bad conscience; Guilt and innocence.
“The new Family Constellation approach” according to Bert and Sophie Hellinger.
Other themes important for the participants.

Module 2 “The outer and inner relationship”
Dynamics in couples relationships; Difficulties in finding or staying with a partner; The balance between giving and receiving. Conflicts between men and women and what is needed for reconciliation and for love to flow. Relationship child-parents; Adoption; Sexuality. Exploring and balancing the feminine and masculine sides in ourselves.

Module 3 “Healing in families”
What causes diseases and symptoms or healing in families? Dynamics behind physical and mental illnesses and symptoms and what is needed to heal. Exploring old patterns in families and patterns in life.

Module 4 “Body and boundaries”
Why do we sometimes allow people to cross our boundaries?
We will explore personal boundaries and the reactions in the body.
Strengthening our grounding and learn to set clear boundaries.
With exercises inspired from yoga, we gain grounding and get in contact with our center.
Supported by the movements from the constellations and the creative work, it guides us to the core in ourselves and our strength.
Strengthen our grounding supports us to set clear boundaries and to respect others boundaries.

Module 5 “Fairytales and healing”
Work with fairytales and myths gives the participants support to find their own strength, path and healing. The collective field.
“Of the various types of mythological literature, fairy tales are the simplest and purest expressions of the collective unconscious and thus offer the clearest understanding of the basic patterns of the human psyche. Every people or nation has its own way of experiencing this psychic reality, so a study of the world`s fairy tales yields a wealth of insights into the archetypal experiences of humankind.” Marie-Louise von Franz (C.G. Jung)

Module 6 “Shadows also have colors” Shadows and Projections.
Become a friend with your personal shadow and set yourself free!
Exploring the extraversion and introversion in the personality, the conscious and the unconscious aspects of the psyche. Work with projections, group dynamics, group processes, ethical issues and supervision cases.

Module 7 “The new path”
Containing and integrating the personal process; Review and completion of the process; Dynamics in giving and receiving; The new path.

Summer module/retreats
”The knowing– and the collective field” This module is an international training and supervision. By constellations, creative expressions, meditations, we will work with personal issues like relationship, children, families, symptoms, diseases and work/job issues, organisations and supervision. Deepening the personal issues and open up to collective issues.

In Norway the main theme is ”nature and healing”. By constellations, creative processes,
with drums, camp fire and the nature as the biggest inspiration source, we immerse ourselves to the moment and movements. We find and build up resources and inner strenght and open up to healing processes.
See special program.

In all modules there will be:
• Meditations/guided meditations
• Creative work and body movements
• Constellations
• Teaching in issues related to the themes of the modules (see study plan for details)
• The last day of each module there will be supervision, constellations with job issues and organizations.

There will be teaching and working with themes like:
The main theme in each module.
Exploring old patterns in families and patterns in life.
Who belongs in the family and consequences of exclusion?
Good and bad conscience; Guilt and innocence. Atonement.
Victim and perpetrator.
Projections, group dynamics, group processes, ethical issues
Containing and integrating personal processes.
Dynamics in giving and receiving.
How to do the constellations individually and in groups?
How to work with playmo figures?
How to work with creative expressions?
Other themes important for the participants.

Family Constellations started as a method within psychotherapy, developed by Bert Hellinger in the beginning of 1980. Today his work has a more spiritual approach rather than a methodical approach with movements that support life and love.
Peoples lives are extensively controlled by hidden dynamics. The problems and difficulties in couple relationships, in families, with children, work, mental and physical illnesses and lack of happiness in life are consequences of these hidden dynamics. With Family Constellations combined with creative work it`s possible to bring these hidden dynamics to light. By acknowledging what comes to light, the problem or difficulties in life releases and opens up for new insights and solutions. Love can flow freely and it can help us to take steps towards a happier and more fulfilled life.

Art therapy: The theoretical foundation is based primarily on CG Jung’s analytical psychology. With the help of artistic expression, we create a link between the inner and outer world, between the conscious and the unconscious. By drawing, painting, making clay figures, making movements, we create and express. These creative expressions works like a bridge to the parts of the psyche that is normally hidden in the unconscious layers. Unconscious, forgotten or denied resources and opportunities become visible in the art therapeutic process. The creative work combined with the family constellations support and help the individual to release, change and to get more awareness, greater joy, self-acceptance and action in their own lives.




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