Online and in person participation in Kongsberg, Norway, 2024 – 2026

Invitation to Participate:

Join me for a uniquely designed training program, which can serve as a deep personal healing journey or an in-depth study of Family Constellation according to Bert Hellinger, the foundation of this training. Alongside Family Constellations, I integrate creative modalities to complement your exploration and healing. The program spans 7 modules, focusing primarily on Constellations and educational sessions, while creative workshops related to each module’s theme occur in between. Participants will engage in ongoing workshops featuring supervision, educational discussions, and practical Constellation work. Additionally, the evolution of Bert Hellinger’s methodologies will be examined through 8 film sessions showcasing his early and later works, followed by group discussions.

Program Overview:

Duration: 200 hours over 1.5 years

Structure: 7 modules of 15 hours each, totaling 105 hours. Modules are offered in two groups:

Group A: Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM (CET)

Group B: Fridays to Sundays from 4:00 PM – 9:15 PM (CET)

Supplementary Activities: Workshops and film sessions totalling 95 hours. These include:

30 hours of creative work; 3 workshops of 5 hours + 5 workshops of 3 hours.

30 hours supervision and teaching; 3 workshops of 5 hours + 5 workshops of 3 hours.

11 hours practising Constellations under supervision; 1 workshop of 5 hours + 2 workshops of 3 hours.

24 hours films and discussions on Bert Hellinger’s approach; 8 film events of 3 hours.

Target Audience:

This program is suited for individuals seeking personal, interpersonal, and professional growth. It is particularly beneficial for constellation facilitators, therapists, art therapists, and healthcare professionals looking to integrate spiritual family constellations and creative modalities into their practice.

Module Highlights:

Module 1 ”The orders of love”

This module introduces the foundational principles of Family Constellation according to Bert Hellinger, focusing on the movement of the Spirit Mind and spiritual constellations. It explores the essential orders of love and the ramifications of deviating from these principles, including:

  • Equal rights to belong in the family/group.
  • Hierarchical structures within a family/group.
  • The balance of giving and receiving.

Participants will delve into family dynamics, examining the child’s movement toward their parents and the impacts of any disruption in this movement. Themes of conscience, guilt, innocence, and the dynamics between victims and perpetrators are also explored.

Module 2 ”A Successful Relationship”

This module addresses dynamics in couple relationships, including:

  • The balance of giving and receiving and the flow of love in relationships.
  • Conflicts between genders and pathways for reconciliation.
  • Complexities in child-parent relationships, adoption, and the victim-perpetrator dynamic.

Module 3 ”Healing in families”

Participants will explore the underlying causes of physical and mental illnesses within families as well as the potential healing processes. This includes identifying life-restricting patterns and finding ways to overcome them.

Module 4 ”Trauma & healing of trauma”

This module offers an extensive exploration of various forms of trauma, encompassing transgenerational, personal, collective, and war-related traumas. It delves into trauma responses, the processes of healing, and the establishment of personal boundaries. Additionally, it examines bodily reactions and the broader impact of trauma on individuals, family systems, and larger collective groups.

Module 5 ”Fairytales, myths, storytelling”

Focusing on the use of narratives in constellation work, this module explores personal life stories and favorite fairytales. It includes practical applications for working with children through stories and myths.

Module 6 ”The facilitator”   

This module dives into “The Orders of Helping” as defined by Bert Hellinger. It lays the groundwork for understanding the professional aspects of helping, focusing on the facilitation of both individual and group sessions. Key topics include the interactions between facilitators and clients, the nature of projections within these relationships, and the ethical considerations involved in such work. This module is designed to ensure that participants are thoroughly equipped to manage the complexities of their roles as facilitators in a safe and ethically sound manner. It focuses on providing the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the intricacies of facilitation with confidence and integrity.

Module 7  ”The new path”

In the final module, participants will focus on integrating personal processes, completing the training, and moving towards new levels of consciousness. It explores the dynamics of giving and receiving and prepares participants for future success in both personal and professional realms. Through this exploration, attendees will gain insights into effectively balancing these dynamics to enhance their overall well-being and effectiveness in various aspects of life.

Scheduled Dates:

             Module 1:   Group A: 7.-8. September 2024
                                 Group B: 20.-22. September 2024.

             Module 2:    November 2024

             Module 3:    February/March 2025

             Module 4:    May 2025

             Module 5:    August/September 2025

             Module 6:    November 2025

             Module 7:    February/March 2026


Full Training (200 hours): Euro 3,200 Includes all modules, workshops, and film sessions.
A non-refundable deposit of Euro 300 is required by July 1st, 2024.

Individual Modules: Euro 300 per module; Euro 50 per 3 hour-workshop, Euro 80 per 5-hour workshop;
Euro 20 per film session.

Contact for Information and Registration: Please reach out to Pia for more details and to enroll.

This comprehensive program offers a structured pathway to deep personal growth and professional development through a blend of theoretical learning and practical application. I welcome you to join me in this transformative journey.

Attendance Certificate and Diploma

Upon completing each module, participants will receive an attendance certificate. After completing the entire 200-hour training program, a Diploma will be awarded.
The structure of the 200-hour training can be customized, such as by incorporating retreats or other events in place of standard workshops or modules. Please feel free to contact Pia to explore these possibilities.

Optional opportunities for students include:

The possibility to write a short essay between each module, culminating with a final thesis at the end of the training. The thesis will be presented and followed by a session open for questions and feedback from peers. Details about this option will be introduced after the first module. For more information, please feel free to contact Pia.

Additional Information:

Some training sessions can be recorded for participants who are unable to attend parts of the modules, with all privacy considerations duly respected. Participants have the option to request that their personal constellation not be recorded. Please note that these recordings will be available for viewing only and will not be downloadable.

Upon registration, participants will receive recommended readings to enhance understanding of the themes.

Testimonials from the training program 2020 and 2022:

I’ve had the opportunity to work with and learn from many facilitators before and whilst I’m grateful for everyone’s teaching, since I learn from everyone something new and/or different, I found Pias teaching and facilitation process by far one of the most insightful and deepest experiences I’ve had. Pia has the ability to create such a powerful and at the same time safe container, has allowed the participants to dive very deep, face our shadows and be held in such a non-judgemental and inclusive way, that unfortunately not many can master that. Thank you for creating the space and the right container for such depths to be able to open, be reached and also integrated through art.”
Ecaterina Nabuurs, 39 yo., Austria, Participant from the Training Program 2020

” I have followed Pia for quite a few years. I have watched and participated in her Family constellation workshops and education. Over the years I have seen how Pia has evolved into leading the way to the Spirituell constellation, which is a powerful tool and a in depth way of the journey to your soul. Pia guides you with a trust and an insight that illuminates your path. She gives you what you and your soul needs, not what you want. Having Bert Hellinger as her support and the knowledge she has obtained through her work as a nurse, teacher and art therapist, gives the participants so much more in addition to the opening of the soul. She has been my guide and light for many years and has always new insights to share and I humbly receive.”
Irene Marie Peddie, Bergen, Norway, Participant from the Training Program 2020

“Pia: thank you for taking my hand on this last step, for helping me trust again in a facilitator and teacher, and for giving me back my connection to Bert Hellinger and the constellations work. I don’t have the words to tell you how much this means to me, how big is the gift that I received from you, you helped me heal a pain that I was carrying, and you taught me a different way to see this path. For that, you will always have a special place in my heart.”
Silvia Araya, Costa Rica, Participant from the Training Program 2022


Pia Storm Kalhof
Pias Place, Naufgården,
Kirketorget 7, Kongsberg, Norge

0047 90 144 188