July 2020 – January 2021. Online.

This advanced training in Family Constellations and Art Therapy is directed at facilitators and anyone with experience in Family Constellation work as well as therapists, counselors, coaches, art therapists (who would like to combine Family Constellations with their work) and those from helping professions. 

Sometimes or more often than we think, there are facilitators (coaches etc) who start the work, without having had many opportunities (in the initial training) to work on all personal issues, be it because of time restrictions or simply because the person was just not ready at a certain point in time to dive deep enough or deeper into his/her own wounds or dynamics of his/her own system. This is just one example, but there are different scenarios why one would consider this course. 

If any of the below resonates with you, then you should consider this training: 

– new facilitators who fear to start facilitating 

– advanced students who wish to go deeper in order to feel more prepared for the work with clients 

– difficulty acquiring or retaining clients 

– difficulty in trusting the field, feeling the need to plan as much as possible and ‘control’ as much as possible 

– avoid certain issues/subjects that you feel might arise from the field 

– you are an experienced facilitator and now you wish to take another dive but on a much deeper level of self-discovery and taking your own facilitation process to a different level 

– you feel you do a great job but you feel exhausted or very tired after workshops or even experienced burnout. 

– you seem to attract the same type of clients or the same subjects come up which might be triggering you or resemble a pattern 

– you have clients who feel stuck or unable to make certain moves and wish to explore other methods like Art Therapy to offer the client the opportunity to explore his/her difficulties 

– you are not familiar with Spiritual or Silent Constellations approach and would like to get to know it 

– you did not have the chance to work on your issues during your initial training 

Through this training, I invite you to join me on a journey where we open to possibilities of exploration of a different level of consciousness. 

You will have the opportunity to experience your own inner journey on a very deep level and process through different modules with (thrilling, revealing, eye-opening) exciting themes. The focus will be to support you and your process and how your personal process can be beneficial to you as a helper/facilitator. 

For those who are new to facilitate, be it online or in person or those who wish to bring in issues for supervision purposes, there will be possibilities to practise facilitation of constellations right from the 1st Module. You will also experience the combination with creative expressions in a group and individually. 

The teaching is based on the philosophy of Bert Hellinger and his latest approach and insights from constellations, the theory of Carl Gustav Jung combined with my own experience and insights gained in the past 15 years of work with Art Therapy and Constellations. 

What is waiting for you? 

– The opportunity to meet others like you and to explore yourself, your work and the knowing field on a deep personal and professional level. 

– Experience the Silent/Spiritual Constellations according to Bert Hellinger’s latest work 

– New inspiration (from the group, the teaching, the movements,) into your life and your work. 

– Opportunities to practise and develop confidence in a supportive environment 

– Opportunities to work on your own issues/shadows thus preparing you to take your facilitation process to a different level 

– To explore projections, projection mechanism, group dynamics, group processes and ethical aspects about the role of a facilitator. 

– Awareness of the power of the field and its effect on the facilitator. 

– Insights about the possibilities and the limitations of the online work. 

– Growth and support into your personal and professional path. 

The Training Framework:  

  • 5 Modules (of 3 days each) every 6 weeks starting from 24th July 2020
  • Friday 5.30 – 8.30 p.m. Saturday, Sunday 10.00 a.m.- 6.00 p.m.  
  • 6-7 month duration with modules every 6 weeks 

Optional opportunities for students: 

  • Writing an essay between each module
  • Examination (based on a final written essay)
  • One Retreat of 5 days in Norway, Spain, Malta or Austria. 

In all modules there will be: 

  • Constellations  
  • Creative work 
  • Practice opportunities/ case/supervision  
  • Meditations/guided meditations 
  • Teaching in issues related to the themes of the modules (see plan for details) 

Practice Opportunities: on the Friday &/or Sunday of each module, there will be possibilities to practise constellations with needed support/guidance. If for example a facilitator or a coming facilitator has any obstacles or issues that prevent her/him to do constellations in general or within a certain theme/area, then doing a constellation in a safe environment can help them to overcome these obstacles or issues. The Fridays can also be open for Supervision constellations.   

Further details about the modules, please find further down the page. 

Where: Online on Zoom, during weekends. 

Advanced training Program in Constellations and Art Therapy 

Module 1: Shadows.    July 24th-26th  

Module 2: The inner and outer relationships.   September 4th-6th 

Module 3: Illnesses and symptoms.   October 16th-18th 

Module 4: Trauma and healing of trauma.   November 27th-29th 

Module 5: Success in love and in life. Your Fairytale.    January 8th-10th 

Optional Modules 

Module 6: Practical           February 19th-21st   

Module 7: Exam          April 10th-11th   

Retreat 5 days/Summer module
Norway/Sicilia/Spain/France/Malta/Austria (place and date to be decided together with the group at a later stage) 

In depth study Module 1-5  EUR 1000
including access to recordings of trainings and film with Hellinger
10% discount when paying the full amount before September 1st 

In depth study + practical training Module 1-6  EUR 1200
including access to recordings of trainings and film with Hellinger
10% discount when paying the full amount before September 1st 
After the full training you will receive an attendance certificate

Exam day/module incl. 3 individual sessions EUR  250
After the full training and the examen you will receive a Diploma.

Deposit for the in-depth study/trainingEUR  360 

Per module as a courseEUR  200
After each module, you will receive an attendance certificate.

Payment & Cancellation Policy:
The deposit of EUR 360 should be paid not later than 22nd of July 2020. Once the deposit is received, your place is reserved.
The deposit is not refundable.
The rest of the course fee is to be paid before module 2, latest by 2nd of September 2020.
The rest of the course fee is not refundable, but in very exceptional cases I`m open to discuss the possibilities to transfer the rest of the amount to another course. 

I understand that for some people it can be difficult to commit themselves to a full training, therefore I am offering the option of signing up only for one training module at a time. If it then becomes too much, too intensive or simply not your way of working, then you are free to stop the training or you can take a break and continue when you`re ready.
After each module, you will receive an attendance certificate. 

For full course details, please refer to the below document


Pia Storm Kalhof
Pias Place, Naufgården,
Kirketorget 7, Kongsberg, Norge

0047 90 144 188