Join this special workshop of Fairy Tales exploration through Art Therapy and Family Constellations

About this Event

Would you like to join this journey into the magic world of Fairy Tales through Family Constellations, creative work & meditations?

Are you ready to take steps forward in life? To meet the unknown? The secrets? The treasures? The troll, the witches, the prince/princess …?

Together we find the locked doors in the castle.
Only YOU have the key!

When we as children, listen to fairy tales, stories, songs or myths, some of them resonate deeply with us. We identify ourselves with the hero, the king, the princes, the witch or other characters from the stories. Unconsciously, we create our own life script from one of these stories and that becomes a pattern later on in our life.

What if this pattern does not bring happiness and success but it sabotages and limits the flow of love and life?

Through different fairytales, stories and myths we will explore what has become our pattern in life.

With the help of our creative expression, combined with art therapy and constellation work, the dynamic behind our life script can be revealed and it opens up the possibilities to take steps forward and leave behind these unconscious patterns.

The participants will be supported during the whole process (which takes them on a deeper level of exploration) to find their own strength, path and healing.

The teaching is based on the philosophy of Bert Hellinger’s latest work and insights from constellations; and my experiences from more than 18 years of work with Art Therapy and Constellations with various groups, including patients of the Kongsberg Psychiatric Hospital, Norway.

The Program

A journey into myths and fairy tales – YOUR favourite fairy tale;

Introduction about the subject, creative work with fairy tales, constellations, meditations as well as opportunities for Q & A.

Together we can also explore:

– Your Fairy Tale

– The good and the bad

– Therapeutic and healing potential in fairy tales, myths and storytelling

– The collective unconscious from the fairy tales (and dreams).

Where: Online, on Zoom

Prerequisites & supplies:

Bring with you whatever medium you would like to explore/work with, be it paper and crayons or canvas and paints, clay or other.



Pia Storm Kalhof
Pias Place, Naufgården,
Kirketorget 7, Kongsberg, Norge

0047 90 144 188