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Welcome to the Advanced Training in Family Constellations and Art Therapy.

Constellations – Art Therapy – Creative Work – Meditations – Facilitation Practice


Online via Zoom and in person in Kongsberg Norway.

This module/course is open for anyone who is ready to take steps forward in life and face his/her own shadows.

Full Training and individual Modules
The Full Training Course is limited to a small number of 12 participants in order to ensure individual attention and that the quality is not compromised. If there are a few spaces left, the individual modules will be open for drop-ins and if this is something that might interest you, then there is a high chance that there will be the possibility of attending the individual modules. At the moment, you are welcome to sign up either way – be it for the entire course or for the individual modules.

It is an advantage to have done some work of self-development and to have some knowledge of constellation work or similar work.
As a facilitator or becoming a facilitator the work with shadows is very important and is beneficial for yourself and for your clients.

So, are you ready: 

  • To meet your shadow?
  • To explore and to reconnect to your hidden sides that conceal unknown strength?
  • To move beyond judgement of yourself?
  • To move beyond judgement of others?

Shadow Work Background
“People will do anything, no matter how absurd that might be, in order to avoid facing their own soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious” Carl Gustav Jung

According to Jung, the shadow is the unknown side in us, often a darker side, which we don’t like, can’t or won’t see.These unknown sides can enrich us when we dare to look at them or paralyse us when we close our eyes.When shadows are invited into our consciousness and we acknowledge them and see them with kindness, then we are no longer at their mercy. It is then us, who has the shadow and not the shadow that control us.

Module 2: ‘Shadows’ Structure
In this course, the participants get the opportunity to explore their shadow side and its potential. Participants can experience or access their shadows through a skilfully guided combination of the creative expression and constellations (applied Art Therapy through the Jungian approach & Bert Hellinger’s latest work of Silent/Spiritual Constellations).

Through our work together we will connect to our hidden sides, our needs and challenges and journey into the unknown and dark inner world. With light and kindness, we dive into the wisdom and power from within us and allow what is ready for us to see, to appear. Our dreams can also be a guidance to reveal the unknown shadow sides. With the help of the constellations, the creative work and our dreams we search for answers and ways to inner harmony, towards wholeness.

How can the work with our shadows be beneficial to us as a helper?
The more we become aware of our shadows, the more we become aware of our projections.
“We see the splinter in the other’s eye, but not the beam (log) in our own eye”.
Through a practical and theoretical approach we will explore projections and projection mechanisms. When we become aware of our own projections and of others’ projections towards us, then we can befriend our shadows and see clearly for ourselves and others.

The teaching is based on the philosophy of Bert Hellinger and from his latest work and insight from constellations; Theory of Carl Gustav Jung; and from my own experience from 19 years of work with Art Therapy and Constellations and 20 years as a nurse, teacher, supervisor/coach at the intensive care unit and psychiatric unit at the Kongsberg Psychiatric Hospital, Norway.

Introduction to the theme, creative work and constellations
Deepening the theme “Shadows” through creative work, constellations, meditations and exercises. There will be teaching of different themes, questions/answers and much more.

Together we will explore and work with themes like: 

  • What is a shadow?
  • Exploring our own shadows through art therapy
  • Become a friend with your personal shadow and set yourself free!
  • Theory of shadows, Carl Gustav Jung
    • The personal conscious and the unconscious
    • The collective unconscious
    • Archetypes
    • Dream analyzing
  • Projection and projection mechanisms
  • Shadows and evilness
    • from a constellation perspective
    • according to the theory of Jung
    • in fairytales
    • insights from my work
    • to be possessed
  • Theory of consciousness by Bert Hellinger
    • Good and bad consciousness
    • Personal/collective/spiritual consciousness
    • Moving towards another consciousness
    • Perpetrator/victim dynamic
  • Being a facilitator/helper
  • The dynamics behind the constellations
  • The dynamics behind the Art therapy work
  • How to facilitate the Silent/Spiritual constellations?
  • How to work with Art Therapy?
  • Constellation & Art Therapy Practice

Note: whilst we will open the field to explore the above themes, I usually combine a theoretical and practical approach, though a big emphasis is placed on the energy of the field and going with what arises and what is most important for the entire group.

Supplies: Bring with you whatever medium you would like to explore/work with, be it paper and crayons or canvas and paints, clay or other.

It is not about being a perfection human being,
but to accept ourselves as we are,
including all that we dislike.
Not complete, but whole.

Certification: Since this is part of the Advanced Training Curriculum, the participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

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