Enjoy the moment

Family Constellations

Family Constellations are a unique and powerful experience, whereby we can open ourselves on many levels to understanding and healing, bringing about change and growth as individuals and within family dynamics.


Yoga is a method of balancing and harmonizing body, mind and emotion, and is a tool that allows us to find peace in ourselves.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is a profound, exciting and challenging approach to problems, self-development or therapy, which appeals to both children and adults.

Hello! I’m Pia Storm Kalhof

I am Danish, however I have been living in Norway since 1991. I am fortunate to have trained and worked as an intensive care nurse and nurse supervisor, an art therapist, educational supervisor, yoga instructor and facilitator in Family Constellations. Since June 2004 I have been running my own practice in Family Constellations, art therapy, counselling and yoga and I work with individuals, couples and groups.

Life itself has been my greatest teacher through the experiences I have had and been witness to. I have been privileged to have travelled throughout the world and seen and learned a lot about other countries and cultures and in turn learned from these experiences.


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Always looking and moving forward

For me, Life is right here, right now, today, this moment, this second, in this breath. The past is gone, the future is to come and the moment is here.
Feel it! Enjoy it!